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Vijay Foundation Trust is an Indian NGO working for the betterment of woman and child since 1992. The Foundation works towards the cause of orphan children and underprivileged women::

  • Providing a secure home for underprivileged orphaned children of varying ages.

  • Providing social, economic and infrastructural help to underprivileged women.
Feeding Program for Aarti Home

Aarti Home is the first venture of Vijay Foundation Trust, where there are around 75 orphan children.  The aim of Aarti Home is  “To bring up the children in a healthy and a loving atmosphere – where they are nurtured, cared for and loved” and also  “To protect, take care, educate, give a happy childhood to underprivileged children and provide them opportunities for a secure tomorrow”.

What started as a home for 4 orphaned children in a rented house in 1992, today, is a home for 75 children. All the children are given the best possible education - They go to private schools and 9 children have successfully passed 10th standard.  Some children are trained to be in different vocations – nursing, medicine, engineering etc.


MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation  has made Contribution to the  Feeding Program of 75 children at Aarti Home, there by providing A Glass of Milk, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snack and Dinner for all the Children.  MCKS Foundation  has ensured that the children have healthy & nutritious meal every day.

Training Program on Hand Embroidery
The Training School at Vijay Foundation Trust aims  to “To help poor and destitute women gain life skills and enable them to be economically independent” and  “To Support Self-Sufficiency by providing them access to markets in cities”
The Objective of this program is :

    With economic independence and social network created during & after the training program, the women will be better equipped to face social discrimination.

    Since this program matches and aligns with the concept of “Self Sufficiency & Economic Independence “ as part of the MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation’s “Livelihood Program”, the  Foundation has made Contribution to the Hand Embroidery Program for 80 Women at Vijay Foundation Trust . As part of the  Training the women get

      1. Vocational Training in Hand Embroidery
      2. Self-sufficiency, increase in social status and Gender equalit
      3. Training imparted by Reputed & Experienced Trainers
      4. Healthy & Nutritious Mid-day meal

    Since the Embroided products have a constant appeal be it in apparel or home furnishings, the women are either absorbed as employees or are assisted to set up their own small scale units.  MCKS Foundation is also contemplating on providing financial aid to these women for setting up their business .