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Livelihood programs for the tsunami effected
Vegetable Gardening

Velugu Rekhalu is a Learning module on Vegetable Gardening.  This module is aimed at providing training on planning and assessing one’s own garden space or vacant space/ plot lying beside the home. 

This module also provides information on the basic / bare essentials for growing and maintaining a Vegetable Garden and aides useful in the same.  Details of the types/ nature of plants & crops and the plotting of the crops at different locations based on their durability and life are detailed out.

This module will also teach the essentials to create and thrive friendly and durable gardens.This module will provide a  grip with essential garden maintenance such as weed and pest control, preventing and coping with plant disease and pruning. 

This module is ideal for all from total novices to keen amateur gardeners or those considering a formal accredited horticultural course in the future.