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Deeply touched by the super cyclone victims, Sriram Bharatam,has conceptualized andlaunched on 8th Nov 1999 with an objective of using the power of internet to create a community which will work towards supporting the affected victims.

CauseanEffect Association is a Non Profit Organization registered under the Societies Registration Act.  “Cause an Effect’ has been working closely with the Disaster struck victims since 1999.  Deeply touched by the fate of the flood affected victims of Orissa super cyclone, a dynamic team led by Bharatam Sriram, CEO & Founder of Iridium Interactive joined hands to do their  bit of service to the nation through the powerful medium of the internet by conceptualizing and launching in less than 32 hours on 6th/7th Nov’99.  This community portal created hope to the flood affected victims of Orissa super cyclone. This marked the beginning of activities on the portal, which works for bringing awareness among the people about the occurrence of natural calamities & sufferings of people and work towards providing relief to them. Since then Cause an Effect Association has been working towards the Rescue & Relief operations of the Gujarat Earth Quake, AP Floods/ Storm and the Tsunami.


Cause an Effect Association has been bestowed with many awards for the noble initiatives undertaken.  On behalf  of the Association, Mr.Sriram won the prestigious Kauffman Community Award as recognition to his contribution in creating an innovative fund raising model through which he generated funds for the victims of Orissa super cyclone in 1999 in India. This innovative model sensitized the common man to the joy of giving - donating by not actually paying and thus touching their sensitive chord which motivated them to make voluntary monetary donation. He has since then been carrying on activities as a Social entrepreneur through his Charitable organization CauseanEffect Foundation. This thought provoking leadership sensitized the fellow YEO members with the concept of giving it back to the society and taking up the Social Corporate Responsibility, depending on the commitment they would want to make for this initiative.  


Keeping in mind the similarity of objectives of  Cause an Effect and MCKS Foundation’s “Livelihood Program”,  both the Foundations got associated and started working towards creating means of “Alternative Livelihoods” for the Tsunami affected victims.  As  a part of this initiative, Seven Training  modules that make up the  entire kit for Training the Tsunami Victims in Alternative Livelihood are being developed jointly by MCKS Foundation & Cause an Effect. A Team of Volunteers of GMCKS, Cause an Effect  and AP Pranic Healing  would be undertaking the Training of these modules to various affected victims.  These Training Modules would be primarily developed in Telugu.
The  Planning, Monitoring,  Production and Execution of the Training Modules would be done with the assistance  of Cause an Effect Association, Hyderabad.

Categories & Training Modules identified

Alternative Livelihood for Fishermen

Repairing of Mechanized Boats
Vegetable Gardening

Alternative Livelihood for Fisherwomen

Fish Pickle/ Papad Making
Candle Making

Value Added Products

Vermi Composting
Mushroom Cultivation

Organizational Skill Development of Women