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Livelihood programs for the tsunami effected
Fishermen are often faced with a deep challenge of paying huge monies to the Mechanics for addressing any of the boat related issues.  Most of the boats often fail at crucial times or at a shorter intervals due to improper maintenance of the Boat Engine or due to not following certain basic principles  and improper usage.

The objective of this module is to convey that 

“Keeping  the Mechanized boat in good condition can be done even if you're not a mechanic and that there is nothing worse than trying to run to shore to escape from dangers in the sea and the boat giving trouble.”

More often than not, just a little caution &  preventative maintenance can prevent  damages that could end up in huge bills being paid towards repair. 

There are few problems that can cause more damage and detract from the value of the boat.  This module addresses all those preventive  & precautionary measures that can be taken by even those fishermen who have no mechanic background. 

This module handles issue by issue of the problems faced most frequently by the fishermen and also dwells with how the same can be resolved.